Enjoy thought-leadership and self-development events with the following partners.


The School of Life has a global reputation for excellence in thought leadership, particularly in relation to psychological development and emotional intelligence. Within our Business Psychology practice, we work with individuals and organisations to help them develop the attitudes, behaviours and culture they need to succeed and grow. Our coaching sessions, workshops, development programmes and organisational solutions are created and delivered by a distinguished faculty of more than 250 leading philosophers, writers, artists, scientists, thinkers and psychologists.

We are delighted to be working in partnership with Changeboard to deliver a series of learning sessions for its members throughout 2016 and 2017. Over the next year or so we will be hosting a series of short learning sessions and intimate dinners and breakfasts. We have chosen topics for these sessions which are universally relevant, but which are likely to be of particular interest to those with a keen interest in personal development, wellbeing and leadership. We hope you enjoy these sessions and we look forward to welcoming you at them over the coming months.


Complete Coherence is a consultancy that specialises in developing enlightened leadership through individual and team development. We enable leaders to make a more meaningful and effective contribution in an increasingly complex and uncertain world. Complete Coherence was founded by Dr Alan Watkins, drawing on his background as a physician and neuroscientist. We work with leaders to improve their performance across multiple lines of development which are based on human performance research, integrated with insights from neuroscience, biology, complexity theory and other diverse fields. We believe that with the right coaching and development, human beings can be brilliant every day.

Having contributed to all the Future Talent conferences, we are excited to partner with Changeboard for a series of masterclasses and roundtables. These will flex around the themes of developing emotional resilience, growing personal energy and creating business teams that really deliver.


Common Purpose is a leadership development organization that specialises in cross-boundary leadership. A not-for-profit, we run programmes in over 70 cities worldwide.

Founded in 1989, over 4,000 people become Common Purpose alumni every year. Our leadership development programmes inspire and equip people to work across boundaries. This enables them to solve complex problems in organisations and in society.

We’ve worked in partnership with the leaders at Changeboard for many years and we’re pleased to be able to contribute our expertise and speakers to the Future Talent Forum’s schedule of events.