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What jobs could be extinct by 2027?

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When attempting to predict how the world of work will look in a decade’s time, we must first examine what we have seen in the last ten years. In recent years, the rapid advancement of technology has been the greatest catalyst for change.

As we look forward to 2027, we believe that artificial intelligence (AI) will play a much greater role in how businesses operate. While self-driving cars and a more automated logistics sector is just on the horizon, creative and service sectors will also be impacted. For example, we are already starting to see inroads towards personal assistants, customer service, and even chat-bot legal advisers. AI has the potential to transform our lives and job market to the same degree that mobile phones have.

While new technology will fundamentally transform existing jobs, and eliminate others, it will also bring with it many new employment opportunities. The survey offered us a glimpse into what the public sees as being the most-likely changes in the coming years. Despite all of this, there will still be a large number of professions and services that will remain unchanged over the coming years. With the over 800 services available through Bidvine, we can tell you that some aren’t going anywhere – from wedding catering to electricians, there are some professions that are here to stay.

Bidvine carried out a survey of more than 1,200 British members of the public has found that according to the survey, the top five jobs most likely to be obsolete by 2027 are:

1. Taxi drivers – 36%

2. Educators – 18%

3. Cashiers – 11.1%

4. Tube drivers – 10.4%

5. Journalist 9.2%

Sohrab  Jahanbani

By Sohrab Jahanbani

Sohrab is CEO & founder of Bidvine

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