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Podcast: Personal development & the future of work

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We've teamed up with IBM on an exclusive podcast series: the future work. Listen to the second one here, where we're putting the spotlight on personal development.

In the ever-changing world of work, consumer trends are heavily influencing how employees search for their next career opportunity; individuals are seeking an employment experience that mirrors their experiences as a consumer when they engage with a brand. How can you give your employees a personalised experience so they grow their career within your business and develop skills your organisation will need for the future? 

In the second of our exclusive podcast series with IBM, we explore the current trends in personal development.

Discover how employee expectations have shifted and how businesses are responding. And when many jobs of the future don’t even exist yet, find out how you can determine the kind of skills you will need in years to come, how to build these within your existing and prospective talent pools, and what HR teams of the future will look like.

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