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Sleep deprivation costing UK business

Posted on from Changeboard

What price do you put on a good night's sleep? For the UK economy, it could be close to £40bn.

Sleep-deprived employees are costing the UK economy close to £40bn a year, says a new study.

Research by Rand Europe, which used data from 62,000 people around the world, found that the loss equated to 1.86% of economic growth.

It is estimated that the UK loses 200,000 working days a year from tired employees being less productive at work or absent from work altogether.

Marco Hafner, the main author of the study said: “The effects from a lack of sleep are massive. Sleep deprivation not only influences an individual’s health and wellbeing but has a significant impact on a nation’s economy.”

The report laid out a number of recommendations for employees, employers and public authorities:

•    Individuals could: Set consistent wake-up times; limit the use of electronic items before bedtime; and exercise.

•    Employers could: Recognise the importance of sleep and the employer’s role in its promotion; design and build brighter workspaces; combat workplace psychosocial risks; and discourage the extended use of electronic devices.

•    Public authorities could: Support health professionals in providing sleep-related help; encourage employers to pay attention to sleep issues; and introduce later school starting times.


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