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Changeboard digital magazine: November-January 2017 edition

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Download Changeboard magazine straight to your smart device or read it from your desktop – and here's a little taster of what to look forward to in our November-January 2017 issue.

Download Changeboard magazine straight to your smart device or read it from your desktop – and here's a little taster of what to look forward to in our November-January 2017 issue.


  • BIG INTERVIEW: "For every company that gets it, there's one that can't spell lesbian." We speak exclusively to Ruth Hunt, CEO at LGBT equality charity Stonewall, about how allowing your employees to be themselves can help them achieve more. 
  • Better together: Members of the OUTstanding lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender power list talk about overcoming career barriers in business, and how the workplace benefits from inclusion and diversity. 
  • Reflections on Rio: Nine-time Paralympic champion Lord Chris Holmes looks back on a wildly successful games for Team GB. What leadership lessons can be learnt from our inspiring athletes?


  • You never know who sees you as a role model: We all look up to someone, but do people look up to you? Inji Duducu, people director of rewards and employees services at Morrisons explains that role models come in many different guises. So which one are you?
  • Can entrepreneurial talent be taught?: We asked leading academics for their insights on what makes an entrepreneur and whether these skills are gifted to a fortunate few, or can be developed by anyone. 
  • How to create an authentic personal brand in the digital world: With CEOs increasingly embracing digital, it has never been more essential to be 'social'. We ask five experts for advice on how to interact in a positive way.


  • Championing true inclusion for people with a learning disability: Just 5.8% of people with a learning disability in the UK are employed. Jan Tragelles, CEO of Mencap, is on a mission to challenge inequality and employers. 
  • Hiring a person with a learning disability: Angela Buxton, people director at Mencap breaks down how employers can champion talent in their organisation. We also spoke to Vicky and Vijay, about their experiences of the working world as people with a learning disability. 
  • Resilience, recovery and reinvention: what's the future for Eurostar?: Terror attacks, the migrant crisis and Brexit - it's fair to say its been a tough 18 months for Eurostar. So how is director of people Gerard Jaques coping?

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Tom Ritchie

By Tom Ritchie

Tom is an editorial assistant at Changeboard.

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