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Where in the world: Cincinnati, USA

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Integrating yourself and your family into an entirely new culture is no mean feat. Helen Tucker, global diversity and inclusion director at P&G, moved her family from the UK to Cincinnati to develop her career. Having since moved back to the UK, she reflects on her time there…

How long were you based in Cincinnati?

I lived in Cincinnati with my family for just over seven years. Having lived abroad as a child – in Malaysia – it was always something I thought I would do again at some point in my life. When the opportunity in Cincinnati came along, it just seemed like the right time and place for me and my family. 

What were the main cultural differences you experienced?

P&G culture is global and unifying, so I arrived in an environment that felt very familiar. Outside work, there were many subtle differences. Sport plays a huge part in many people’s weekends: mainly basketball, American football and baseball. Spring is marked by the kick off of the National Collegiate Athletic Association basketball tournament, and the ‘opening day’ of the baseball season is hosted by Cincinnati Reds annually. 

Did you move enhance your career, if so, how?

There’s no substitute for hands-on experience when it comes to leadership development. Taking on an assignment overseas has broadened my experience and skills. P&G creates opportunities for careers, not just jobs. I have had to adapt to new challenges and the move presented opportunities I wouldn’t otherwise have been exposed to. Embracing a foreign business culture definitely makes you more resilient.
This ranged from managing moves that met our professional needs to practical support for our relocation. They were equally supportive when we returned to the UK with children aged 10 and 12. 

What did you do in your spare time?

We travelled to different areas of the US – you can sail, ski, surf and swim without leaving the country! It was great to be involved in volunteering as a family. Cincinnati has one of the greatest concentrations of not-for-profit organisations in the US, and P&G is active in the community. We packed meals for victims of the Haiti earthquake, raised funds for the Scouts and volunteered at the children’s schools.

How did you feel about moving abroad?

I embraced the change, as did my family, which was made easier by the relocation support from P&G. Previously, I had accepted assignments based in Belgium and Switzerland while working in our Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa region, which I thoroughly enjoyed. 

How did your family cope with the move?

P&G is tremendously supportive when helping you and your family settle into a new country.


Tourist attraction? Kings Island and its amazing variety of roller coasters!

Activity? Our activities revolved around Scouts, sports, dance, cheerleading, gymnastics and riding. 

Shopping? Kenwood Mall and, for food shopping, you can get imported food from around the world at Jungle Jim’s.


I miss...

Sunny summers, being able to plan ahead for barbeques, parties, and of course friends we left behind in the US. 

I don't miss...

The storms, which are always accompanied by loud warning sirens!

Emily  Sexton-Brown

By Emily Sexton-Brown

Emily is the commissioning editor at Changeboard

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