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What are the secrets to a less stressful workplace?

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Worried about the levels of stress in your office? No need to sign your staff up for an expensive course, the fix could be as simple as finishing early on a Friday.

Bosses looking to reduce stress in the workplace need not make massive overhauls according to a new survey.

In a study of over 1,000 UK adults in full-time or part-time employment, Cascade HR found that simple fixes were the best ways to fight stress levels. Some 47% of respondents want flexible working, with early finishes on Fridays (39%) and a caring, friendly management style (38%) also cited. 

Recognising hard work with tangible rewards was also desired, as over one in three (35%) of respondents saying financial rewards would mitigate stress levels. Some 34% said receiving holiday in lieu would also achieve this. 

Oliver Shaw, CEO at Cascade HR said: “It is interesting to see that the measures that employers can take which have the most significant impact on reducing workplace stress are actually relatively achievable and inexpensive.

“Fancy water features and expensive mindfulness classes might be fashionable – but clearly looking at the results of this research, it’s the simple things that employers should be considering first.”

Physical aspects of the office could also help to relive stress. Some 35% of respondents said having a clean and tidy workspace was relieving, while having a separate space to relax (29%) or eat (27%) during breaks was also deemed to be helpful. Almost one in three felt that having music playing would also help keep stress at bay.

Shaw added: “Judging by this, British employers looking to create a calmer, less stressful environment don’t need to invest in dramatic overhauls of the office. British employees are quite content with simple environmental enhancements.” 


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