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UK workers lie about pre-booked holidays to secure best dates

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"I'm really sorry guys, I have to take that day off, me and the wife have booked a romantic getaway. Non-refundable!" Heard that before from a colleague? You've probably been lied to.

A new survey has revealed that the majority of workers lie about pre-booked holidays to secure premium time off.

In a survey of 1,000 employees, found that 59% of UK workers are willing to fib their way to high-demand holiday time. Some 42% of respondents owned up to pulling a sickie instead of using holiday allowance for a long weekend.

A dastardly 31% confessed to booking off the days consecutive to bank holidays in January, before their colleagues could get a sniff. Workers in the South East and London were more likely to hatch these cunning plans than in other parts of the country.

CEO of Chris Meredith said: “It’s shocking that employees lie about losing money just to secure dates before their colleagues. It’s unfair to those employees that need to balance childcare with peak holiday times. 

“Employers need to think about ways to make the system fairer and maybe ask for proof of booking if there is a conflict between staff over dates. As a boss I’m always deluged with holiday forms on the first week back after Christmas so this year I’ll be looking to make sure my staff are not up to tricks without a doubt.

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