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Working from home: could it make you happier and healthier?

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We may have thought that working from home left you lonely and isolated, but it turns out that it could make you healthier and happier.

New research indicates that working from home could make you happier and healthier. 

In a survey of close to 1,100 British workers, found that the majority of workers (60%) feel happier when they are working from home. 

30.5% of respondents work from home every day, with 86% of that number saying they never feel lonely working from home, despite the lack of contact with colleagues. 

Andrew Davies, spokesperson for said: “Our research has identified that allowing staff to work from home carries many benefits for employers, and as such, when employees request this, companies should consider the positive effects it can have.”

Home workers are not only happier, but are also marginally healthier. Those that work exclusively at home take an average of 2.4 sick days per year, whereas those that work from company premises take 2.6.

Better work-life balance was also cited as an added benefit, as one in four say the flexibility of working from home allows them more time with their friends and family.

Davies added: “It’s particularly interesting to see how many home workers feel they have a better work-life balance than those who are based in the office, and that they very rarely feel lonely – a common misconception, as many presume spending so much time alone would have this effect.”

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