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Flexible working: lower paid parents miss out

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High earning parents are 47% more likely to have flexible working arrangements. Are parents missing out on valuable time with their families?

High earning parents are far more likely to be allowed to work flexibly than those on lower wages.

Research conducted by charity Working Families to promote National Work Life Week, has revealed that parents that earn £70,000 are 47% more likely to have flexible arrangements than those that earn between £10,000 and £40,000.

Sarah Jackson, chief executive of Working Families said: “Families need time as well as money to thrive. But one shouldn’t depend on the other.

“We know flexible working makes business sense across the salary spectrum, so why should only the people who earn the most be able to reap the rewards?”

More than half of (55%) of working parents that were polled put in extra unpaid hours each week. A quarter said they worked at least five extra hours of unpaid overtime a week.

68% of respondents said their job interfered with their ability to take part in school events, such as attending parents’ evenings. 62% said work affected their ability to help with their child’s school work. 

Jackson commented: “We want all jobs to be advertised as flexible. And this should be the norm, rather than the exception.”

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