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Video: Top tips on recruiting in the 21st Century

Posted on by from Southerly

Discover how companies can secure the best talent, the importance of appealing to the right people, and why it pays to present an honest and accurate employer brand when seeking fresh blood.

If you read the Southerly blog then you’ll remember that we hosted a panel debate back in May which investigated the nature of recruitment in the 21st century, with panellists and audience members alike assessing whether they believe the role of the recruitment agent will become redundant in the near future.

After the debate, we asked each of our panel members to share a few top tips relating to their particular area of expertise, which we’ve turned into short videos.

Watch video:

In the video we share insights into how companies can secure the best talent when recruiting, the importance of appealing to the right people and why it pays to present an honest and accurate employer brand when seeking fresh blood.

Also make sure you keep an eye out for more tips from our other panellists including:

  • Joe Wiggins, head of communications (Europe), Glassdoor , on how to develop passionate employee advocates
  • Laura Wigley, talent and learning director, Dorchester Collection, on the cost saving benefits of social media recruitment
  • Neil Dickins, director, Intellectual Capital Resources, on the value of using a specialist recruiter
  • Angela Hood, CEO, ThisWay Global, on recruiting a diverse workforce

We’ll be hosting the second event in our 21st Century Recruitment series later in the year, so stay tuned for more information and details of how to get your tickets.

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Shelley Hoppe

By Shelley Hoppe

Shelley is the CEO of Southerly; developing her communications experience in a corporate environment before founding Southerly to provide strategic content marketing consultancy to businesses large and small.



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