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Change of path: senior decision makers considering new careers

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Restless senior leaders are thinking of changing lanes and pursuing a new career. Do you want to find success on your own terms?

Nearly a third of senior decision makers are likely to consider a change of career in the next five years.

In a survey conducted by McDonald’s UK, it was revealed that 29% of senior leaders could mull over a new role, with 43% of managing directors thinking about a second career. A quarter of senior company executives over the age of 40 are likely to want to follow a new path.

Jason Clark, VP for McDonald’s Franchising said: “Unsurprisingly, at a time when certain macroeconomic trends are causing uncertainty in business, many senior executives are finding themselves wanting a change in direction – a second career.”

Frustration with company decisions was cited as the biggest factor in pursuing another career path, with half of respondents annoyed with frequent strategy changes. 

Unfulfilled personal ambitions (49%), lack of time with friends and family (40%) and job insecurity due to corporate reorganisations (34%) were also influential in leaders’ though processes.

53% of respondents stated they would consider a new role to better establish a better work-life balance. Respondents also stated they wanted to take more control of their working life (44%) and be in better position to maximise their skills and expertise (34%). 

Diana Norris, career coach at Career Balance commented: “"We are seeing a growing trend among senior executives who are keen to begin second careers and are seeking our advice - high achievers who don’t necessarily want more, just something different.

“Despite the uncertainty of heading down a different career path, high achievers want a chance to create success on their own terms, fulfil their entrepreneurial ambitions, and take control of their own future.”


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