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Is working late putting stress on your relationship?

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18% of UK employees feel that working after hours is causing arguments with their partners. With Brits valuing a good work life balance above all else in their jobs, what can employers do to stop lovers tiffs?

Nearly one in five UK workers feel that working late is the cause of arguments with their partner.

18% of respondents in a survey conducted by Coople said that working late hours has caused problems in their relationship, with 35% saying that staying at the office is detrimental. 8% cite work as a major factor in the breakdown of past relationships.

Jacques de la Boullerie, managing director of Coople said: “A large proportion of the population’s personal relationships are being negatively affected because of work and it’s time for a fundamental shift.”

The survey of over 2,000 working people in the UK also found that 20% of respondents feel working late led to a decline in their health and wellbeing, citing stress and depression.

Just over half of British workers (51%) say work has negatively impacted their social life, with 28% stating they’ve had to work late in the office. An additional 18% admit to responding to emails out of hours, with a further 10% taking phone calls outside of their contracted hours.

These admissions come in spite of 54% respondents valuing a good work life balance above wages, career progression or employee benefits. 

By creating a culture of flexibility in which employees do not feel obliged to work longer hours, employers could improve their workforce’s output in the long run.

De la Bouillerie added: “Employers need to recognise the power behind flexible working, not only for their workforce’s morale, but also for their bottom line.”


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