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Recruiters turned off by applicants’ arrogance

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Walking the line between arrogance and confidence could make all the difference in landing that dream job.

A survey of recruiters has revealed that arrogance is the biggest turn off when interviewing candidates.

The research, carried out by LyteSpark, found that over two thirds (67%)  found an arrogant applicant off putting, while 58% are most impressed by a candidate’s ability to interact naturally in an interview setting.

Well prepared candidates are also looked upon favourably, with half of the respondents considering it a valuable trait. 

Alex Hunte, co-founder of LyteSpark said: “Arrogance is clearing an unbecoming quality when interviewing for a new job. It is, of course, important to show confidence and charisma, but there is a very fine line and once you cross it, your chances of progressing are clearly going to be hampered.”

The survey also found that there is still reluctance to adopt video interviews, as 41% of recruiters and employers do not conduct any interviews online, of which 28% said they had never considered it. 

Recruiters spend on average, £200 per month on travel for meetings. 23% of respondents believe they could move four in ten interviews to an online platform.

Hunte commented: “Cloud-based online meeting platforms are ideal for recruiters, as they are easily accessible, intuitive and require no downloads for candidates, removing the fear factor of any awkwardness or technological incompatibility in video meetings for both the interviewer and interviewee.”

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