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Punching the clock: are Brits working too much overtime?

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We've all been there: "I just need to send this email" turns into another hour at the office. While us Brits are willing to stay late, maybe we should be giving up some overtime for a happier work-life balance,

A recent study has revealed that more than half of UK employees and managers work longer than their contracted hours. 

59% of respondents to a survey conducted by CABA admitted they are in the office outside of their allotted hours. Nearly three in ten (29%) are working more than 5 additional hours per week. 

Kelly Feehan, services director at CABA commented: “Employers want refreshed, and most importantly, productive employees. While employees may wish to put in extra miles to meet deadlines, regular overtime tends to affect their creativity and focus. Rather than being productive, overtime can put employees at risk of stress and burnout.”

Younger workers were more likely to regularly work longer hours, with 82% regularly doing overtime. More than 55% of 25-34 year-olds regularly works more than 5 hours of additional time a week.

The study also broke down the level of overtime by seniority. Middle management worked the most, averaging 7.5 hours per week. Senior staff averaged 3.5 hours, while junior employees worked an additional 2.4 hours. 
While the additional stress of reaching targets is often the motivation behind UK employees burning the midnight oil, it is a joint effort between them and their bosses to strike the right balance.

Feehan added: “Employers are aware of the UK’s issue with productivity, so are increasingly offering employees flexible working opportunities. Undertaking tasks and meeting deadlines is important but, ultimately, employees should keep contracted work and home life separate. This way they will be more productive, healthier and happier in the long run.”


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