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New research shows business is less NEET but more tidy

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New data from the Office of National Statistics shows a widening of the talent pool.

Data from the Office of National Statistics revealed that there has been an overall decrease in the numbers of young people not in education, employment or training (NEET).

Overall there were 843,000 young people (16-24) year old classified as NEET. This number has decreased by 22, 000 from January to March 2016 and is down by 78,000 from a year earlier. 

From an organisational perspective this is fantastic. Any improvement in the numbers of young people developing themselves through education or by engaging in the labour market means a widening talent pool for organisations to tap into.

This news comes shortly after the CIPD urged employers to invest in their workforce rather than cutting down due to Brexit uncertainty. The widening of the talent pool should help quell fears of stagnation in human capital and should give further room for organisations to feel optimistic in confronting future pressures.  

Increased engagement of young   people equates to more talent being developed and this in turn keeps businesses dynamic, even in the light of potentially difficult circumstances.

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