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Boomerang employees welcomed back by UK HR directors

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Moved on to pastures new and found the grass isn't greener? Have no fear, your previous HR director is more likely than ever to rehire former employees.

UK HR directors are becoming more open to rehiring former employees. Research by Robert Half UK shows that 83% of executives are more accepting of ‘boomerang’ employees than they were three years ago. Only 7% of respondents indicated they would be opposed to rehiring.

Over a third (36%) of directors have successfully rehired an employee, while 25% said they would not rehire again.

Phil Sheridan, senior managing director of Robert Half UK said: “Rehiring former employees back into the organisation can help to offset the current challenges companies face in the war for talent. This growing acceptance of boomerang employees emphasised the increasing fluidity of the job market.”

Employers valued a boomerang employee’s successful track record (60%) and how well they fit into to corporate culture (40%) when asked what factors they looked for when rehiring.

HR directors in larger businesses were more receptive, with only 4% saying they wouldn’t consider a boomerang employee compared to 12% in small enterprises.

Almost half (49%) of the respondents working for larger companies had successfully rehired former employees. 

Sheridan commented: “In smaller enterprises especially, there sometimes isn’t the opportunity or scope for employees to expand their skills set. In these instances employees may benefit from allowing employees to leave and gain experience they need for their career, with the added value of additional training, while keeping the door open.”


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