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Stay agile

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“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” Mike Tyson

There are two main types of team strategy: planned or emergent. 

Planned strategy is based on analysis, logic, future prediction and rational thinking. This is useful for creating certainty, although I’m not convinced that in such a fast and volatile environment that you could possibly execute a planned strategy. A plan can be too formulaic and linear in today’s changing environment. The only thing we can really plan for is change itself. When a leader has a preference for process and planning it creates understanding and a consistent approach. But it can also stifle creativity and the ability to adapt to change. On the flipside not everyone is comfortable thriving in chaos. Have you considered what your preference is and the impact it is having on your team?

Why not create a framework rather than a plan. Create a framework where flexibility, freedom and autonomy can be achieved. A framework falls between planned and emergent. By doing so you will achieve ‘freedom in the framework’.

Great sports teams do this well. Coaches give their players direction on how to play the game in the way of systems and structure, but also allow them to express their creativity when necessary. This enables teams to flex and adapt depending on what the opposition brings.

How much freedom in the framework are you prepared to give?

Andrew Sillitoe

By Andrew Sillitoe

Andrew is a leadership team coach, speaker & author.

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