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Switch off and stay calm

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Electronic devices can help you keep on top of responsibilities. But how can you avoid feeling overwhelmed from being constantly ‘connected’?

Don’t be enslaved by email

The average worker spends 99 minutes a day managing emails and many of us feel obliged to respond quickly. Try setting yourself fixed periods in the day to manage email. Remember, you have control over when you choose to read and respond.

Go on a digital detox

Research suggests 62% of workers check business emails while at home or on holiday. When on holiday, why not keep your phone switched off so you’re not tempted to check it? In your normal routine, try turning off your push notifications and going a few hours without checking your devices.

Switch off before sleeping

Blue light exposure from digital devices suppresses your sleep hormone, so it’s harder to drift off and achieve deep sleep. Switch off your devices at least wo hours before bed. 

Have important conversations in person

Nowadays, most of our conversations happen via email, instant messaging or phone. Yet meeting up in person, face-to-face, is good for our wellbeing. Seeing friends not only reduces stress levels, it also distracts us from checking our phones. 

Stop panicking

Many of us experience anxiety or panic that we’ll miss something urgent if we do not check our phones regularly. Let your colleagues know that you’ll be offline during the evenings and will deal with urgent enquiries the following morning. This will allow you to spend quality time with friends and family, and wind down from the day without feeling anxious. 

Neil Shah

By Neil Shah

Neil Shah, Director of the Stress Management Society

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