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Under the spotlight: Helmut Schuster, executive VP & group HRD, BP

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With just over four weeks to go till Future Talent 2016, we caught up with keynote speaker, Helmut Schuster. He shared insights into what he'll be discussing at our flagship conference.

Talent and technology: the HR revolution

Helmut was appointed group HR director in March 2011 and is a member of the executive team. He currently oversees 60,000 employees across the globe, and since joining BP in 1989, he's held a number of major leadership roles – working across the US, UK and Continental Europe in various sectors of the organisation.

At Future Talent 2016, he'll share his vision on the HR function in its current state, what the future holds and how technology is going to play a part in that.

"I'm interested by how HR functions have emerged in the last 20 years, but I'm even more interested in the challenges ahead, and the question is: are you prepared?" he said.

Watch video: Helmut gave us a brief overview of his keynote discussion

The key challenges for young people in today's world of work

"Stay focused, prepare well, remain competitive and never forget continuous learning is now a reality" – Helmut's advice to the next generation entering the workplace today.

Watch video: Helmut highlights the challenges for our future workforce

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Sarah Clark

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