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Getting back to basics with workplace technology

Posted on by from Britannic Technologies

With an expected 2.16 billion people owning a smart phone in 2016, it’s clear the market is saturated with technology – so, how do you know which items to purchase?

The ownership of technology and its frequency of use has shifted in recent years, with the advancement of changing work lifestyles. Senior management champions the use of technology because they know they should do, but may not be quite sure why and how to go about implementing it.

There is a disconnect between the board room and the IT operations due to a lack of communication, and silos still exist between the different departments within organisations  – there is an internal lack of awareness about what each department does. 

A lack of ownership of tasks among employees can also lead to internal politics and a disgruntled workforce, and this could be a knock on effect from little or no training with new technological equipment.

The solution?

We need to look at our technology operations in a strategic manner, and realise that going back to basics is fundamental to success or failure.

Communication: If people in different departments don’t talk to each other or understand what they do, then it becomes impossible to all work together in synergy.

Training: Recognise that technology needs to be straight forward to use and should make employees’ jobs easier. Ownership of projects should be clearly announced from the start and training requirements should be put in place to ensure that everyone understands how to use the technology and accepts that it’s not just a fad and will continue to be used on a daily basis. 

Taking action – going back to basics

Businesses need to get back to basics with technology. It is advisable that they work with a technology solutions provider to help them identify and address their requirements and goals.  

External providers will find out what technology a business needs, and will explore how to embed new technology into their processes.

Ultimately technology can only benefit your company if it is aligned with its objectives, strategy and operations, and if it is correctly embedded into its processes. Keep in mind that the success of your organisation is dependent upon the silos that need to be broken down, ownership of tasks that needs to be established, and lines of communication which need to be opened. Doing so will create an open, collaborative working culture where everyone is united, working towards the same goals – and comfortable with technology. 

Jonathan Sharp

By Jonathan Sharp

Britannic Technologies

Jonathan is the sales and marketing director at Britannic Technologies

Britannic Technologies

Britannic Technologies

Britannic Technologies is a provider of telecommunications solutions, systems integration and managed services to customers worldwide.

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