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Accident Awareness Week: Top 12 mishaps declared by HR professionals

Posted on by from Changeboard

Despite the pivotal role HR plays when it comes to health & safety in the workplace, it turns out they're the most accident prone, compared to any other group of professionals in the UK. The National Accident Helpline reveals the top 12 mishaps. Selfie stick anyone?

How accident prone are you?

To mark Accident Awareness Week, The National Accident Helpline conducted research among 2,247 British people – you'll be amazed what these HR professionals confessed to.

1. Dropping mobile phones on your face – oh the shame

15% admit to dropping their mobile phone on their face, whilst reading it lying down

Image source:

2. Walking into something while on your phone (ouch)

13% have walked into someone or something whilst looking at their mobile phone

There are now actually padded lamp posts in London. Source:

3. Selfie stick problems

12% have injured themselves while taking a selfie, and the same number had an accident whilst using a selfie stick 


4. Fridge wars

33% have trapped a finger in a door

Image source:

5. High heels, crash landings

33% have got a heel stuck in a grate or a gap in pavement 

Source: GIPHY

6. Transparency is key. Well, not all time...

24% have walked into a glass door or window because they didn’t see it 

Source: GIPHY

7. Who put the cat THERE?

21% admit that they have tripped over their pet 

Source: Sainbury's Christmas advert 2015

8. Vanity applified

24% have been burned by hot straighteners

Source: GIPHY

9. What a corker

12% say they have been hit by a champagne cork / prosecco cork 

Image source:

10. Low heels, crash landings

30% say they have tripped over their flip-flops

Image source:

11. Gym goals

27% of them have fallen off a treadmill 

Image source:

12. Who said keep fit was good for you?

13% have got stuck in a yoga position. (Cat's back...) 

Image source:

Sarah Clark

By Sarah Clark


Online features editor at Changeboard



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