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What does 'future talent' mean to you?

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"We're constantly encouraged by the thirst for knowledge throughout the global HR community"

Supporting meaningful inquiry into this question has become Changeboard’s central concern and raison d’etre 

The scope of these future talent challenges was succinctly expressed by Professor Lynda Gratton from London Business School  in the last issue of Changeboard’s magazine: “Work is being shaped by technology, globalisation, democracy and the ageing workforce, and the opportunity you have to make work as you want it.”

The new era of work that she describes presents a series of disruptive opportunities, and our ability to seize them is only limited by our individual and collective ability to understand them and relate them to our own context.

Changeboard’s annual Future Talent conference at the Royal Opera House is, if you like, an haute couture expression of this inquiry, supported by insights from an eclectic range of thinkers and practitioners in the HR and work spaces. Our other channels – roundtable events, magazines, apps and online - share this quest for inspiring solutions to these challenges, as well as aiming to support busy HR professionals around the world with bite-size chunks of learning that they can conveniently consume and apply in their own careers. 

We’re consistently encouraged by the thirst for knowledge across the global HR community. It has an insatiability that is only matched by the appetite to share valuable insights with one another. In this new age of searching for substantive and real answers to important, existential questions about the world of work, we’re excited by the variety and breadth of the answers that can be put forward and debated.

Aided and abetted by the advent of citizen journalism we’re motivated to keep innovating at Changeboard so that we can present as many kaleidoscopic perspectives as possible. As always, we’d like to thank the contributors from our community for the richness of their thinking.

Jim Carrick-Birtwell

By Jim Carrick-Birtwell




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