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Christine Deputy, group HR director, Aviva – my biggest learnings

Posted on from Aviva

What are Christine's biggest career learnings?

"Bring your box of best practices and solutions, but hold them lightly, don’t try to translate the form into the future"

Empower others. Most of us spend our entire career trying to build a sense of competence and prove ourselves, but as you take on more responsibility, it’s less about what you can do and much more about what you can enable other people to do.

Saying that you are unsure is OK – engaging people in the answer is much more powerful so you can get them to buy into what needs to happen.

Asking others allows you to develop capability in your team, and they feel ownership to drive the agenda. That means the agenda will stay, even if you’re not there. 

Lean into change. The speed of change is so dramatic that, if we hold too tight to our tried and trusted practices, we will become extinct.

Bring your box of best practices and solutions, but hold them lightly, don’t try to translate the form into the future.

If you simply replicate what has worked before it won’t be the best possible solution because it will already be old.

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