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Shaping a multigenerational workforce for the digital age

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Hayley Tatum, senior VP of people & stores, Asda presents at Changeboard's Future Talent Conference 2015.

With five generations now in the workplace, leaders face a workforce with an age span of 70 years. With this in mind, Tatum spoke proudly of Asda’s eldest employee (aged 90) and its youngest store manager aged 21, overseeing 94 staff.

Older workers (55+) are on the rise, comprising 18% of Asda’s workforce compared with 16% aged under 24. To bridge the generation gap, Asda offers initiatives such as reverse mentoring and ‘be CEO for the day’, where graduates shadow CEO Andy Clarke.

Responding to the evolving shopping trends – which Tatum says have changed more in the past two to three years than in the past three decades – her overall aim is to ensure HR is equipped to build skills, talent and engagement and give leaders the capability to lead in the increasingly digital world. She also said that diversity is about “being invited to the dance” whereas inclusion is about “kicking your shoes off and dancing all night – and feeling safe and confident to do it”.

“Diversity is about being invited to the dance and inclusion is about kicking your shoes off and dancing all night”

Tatum stressed the importance of setting a foundation for workplace culture; implementing consistent values, behaviours and leadership traits across the organisation. “If your workforce is representative of the community you serve – you’ll have better affinity with customers, and that will drive business results,” Tatum concluded.

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Sarah Clark

By Sarah Clark


Online features editor at Changeboard



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