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What careers advice would you offer?

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To celebrate the launch of Changeboard’s new website, Sarah Clark showcases six thought leaders from our inspiring career profile series. We asked them for their pearls of wisdom on how to steer your HR career – plus we’ve thrown in some fun facts about them too.

Hayley Tatum, senior VP of people & stores, Asda

Advice: Take broad and lateral career moves on your way through. You’ll learn as much, if not more, by working in different functions with different leaders. Linear, narrow careers build specialists, but not general business leaders.

Fun fact: Sweet or savoury?

“I have a sweet tooth… anything by Cadbury”

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Kevin Hough, group head of resourcing, LV=

Advice: Connecting with internal and external mentors can be really powerful. It surprises me when people don’t talk about their aspirations. If you don’t tell anyone, how can we develop you or know what career path you want to take?

Fun fact: Favourite holiday spot?

“New York at Christmas, I immerse myself in the magic”

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Helen Hyde, personnel director, Waitrose

Advice: Believe in yourself, your capability and keep a constant, open mind. Know your strengths and use them – but most importantly, be yourself. Grow your network and be considerate to others at all times and, of course, work hard.

Fun fact: Life mantra?

“The definition of happiness is someone to love, something to do and something to hope for”

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Alan Watkins, CEO, Complete Coherence

Advice: Find the one thing that you really love doing and do it. My favourite quote is by Joseph Campbell, an American mythologist and hero of mine: “Follow your bliss.”

I also recommend reading Ken Wilber’s book, A Brief History of Everything.

Fun fact: Morning or night person?

“Morning, it’s about freshness and the birth of a new sun every day”

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Eugenio Pirri, VP of people, Dorchester Collection

Advice: Take the transfer! Put up your hand and say: “I will do that, I will move there, I will challenge myself.” Taking risks (albeit calculated) can be rewarding and you will surprise yourself most of the time. And buy more property.

Fun fact: Favourite place to eat?

“Anything sushi-related works… Nobu [in London] overall though”

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Lucy Adams, founder, Disruptive HR

Advice: Go with your gut instincts and don’t let self-doubt prevent you from doing the right thing. Stay resilient in times of difficulty – the key lessons I’ve learned are about humility and honesty with the things you could have done differently.

Fun fact: Best TV channel?

“The BBC. One of the most important institutions in the world – and it’s got Match of the Day”

Read Lucy's full career profile here >>

Sarah Clark

By Sarah Clark


Online features editor at Changeboard



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